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Why Indian Professionals are more in demand in foreign countries

It is an old concept since 1970 or even before that people in India always love to go abroad for job and a phrase ”Brain Drain” has been coined from this particular perspective.   India has always been a land of great talents and with growing population now India has become one of the largest store houses of talent in Asia. The students here love to study dedicatedly and work very hard to get good marks, to study in the premiere institutes and then get placement in Tier 1 companies with great salary.

We are very much well accepted in foreign countries since the time of swami Vivekananda who was the first Indian who put India on a global market. After that Jagadish Chandra bose, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Satyen Roy, and very recently Amartya Sen showed our calibre in foreign countries.  Not to forget our old heroes like Aryabhatta who discovered “0” was from india only. Due to this reason Indians are well accepted in any parts of the world.  Professionals in India doing whatever job are much more superior and committed towards their work and this is the main reason they are in demand in foreign countries

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