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Build your career as PHP/My SQL Developer

By learning PHP/My SQL you can become a very good PHP/My SQL developer and you can make a great career in this domain. Let us see how to build your career as PHP/My SQL Developer.

1. Web Development : Today more than 60% websites are using Php scripting language. Websites like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Digg, Myspace are some of the big names those are using Php. Think about E-commerce website, Blogs, Social Media and Networking Websites, and many more that you can imagine in your mind, is possible to implement trough Php and its supportive tools. There is lot to learn about this powerful language. So If you would like to work in Php be ready to face all the challenges, everyday you will face something new.

2. Open Source: One good thing about Php, it’s an open source application. It’s free and for it’s support there are worldwide professionals who will help you out to resolve any related issue. Php community is more than enough to learn Php. One more benefit of being a Php developer you can get whole stack of open source software (Apache, Linux, MySql and so on) and the benefit we are getting from being able to change the source code if we want to, but after getting experience with Php you should go for frameworks. Php frameworks are also available under open source license. To jump start your practice on php just install bundled application Xampp or Wamp. For an editor I will suggest you Eclipse or Netbeans IDE. Be ready to enjoy the power of open source.

3. OOPS: Object-oriented programming was introduced in Php5. Concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation are well and good to develop enterprise systems. Applications like Magento, WordPress and Joomla are some examples of object-oriented programming. Those who are coming from a background of Java and C++ they can easily use power of Php as an object oriented language.

4. Easy to learn: Syntax of Php resembles with C, Perl and Java with improvements. The most easy and fun way to learn PHP is by doing it through practical examples. On Internet you can find good resource to learn Php fast and free, still the best is PHP.

5. Framework Availability: Number of frameworks are available for Php language. These frameworks made PHP as one of the fast and most popular language for the web development. Advantage of using a framework is fast development due to code reuse, also they cut down errors by using tested and proven code.


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