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IT Jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore in India is known as Silicon Valley of India, the city has registered a double- digit annual growth almost of 18% in the employment index for India. Until now, Bangalore not only remained the strongest annual gainer among major metro-markets, but also was the only one among all major metros to reach up to 19 points from January last year 12 in January 2012.

 According to employment index every year the growth rate is creasing every year by 6%. “Given the current global economic conditions, it is not surprising to see continued single digit annual growth in the Index. However, employers have started the year on a relatively positive note with continued recruitment within large sectors like IT, FMCG and Import/Export," said Sanjay Modi, managing director (India/ Middle East/ South East Asia)”.

This city has shown real remarkable growth, leading the pack with more than 20% annual growth in the Index.

Among all the sectors, Information Technology sector is doing remarkable. All the best jobs of IT have been collected in Bangalore. Many international It companies including Google, Microsoft have offices in Bangalore and all talented candidates are going there to grab the lucrative jobs over there.

The demand in talented job seekers is increasing every day. However, it was declining continuously since September 2011. But now things have changed and more and more IT jobs are coming up in the way and Bangalore. It is leading the way of Software development in India. It is the prime location for the all white color jobs and the companies offer good pay package.


Not only is the pay package, the city itself very much appealing, it has a very pleasant weather. It is quite a peaceful city, with good transport facility. Bangalore holds a special position in global compass of software industry.

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