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Jobs in Ahmedabad for MBA Fresher

Just after passing out MBA, the first thing that comes to your mind that how to your creativity and talent can be put to better use, so here is the Job opportunity to start exploring your options and switch to a more satisfying career and a a peaceful life. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat you can find many options for starting your career as MBA fresher or as management trainee.

 If you think your creativity and talent can be put to better use, start exploring your options and switch to a more satisfying career and a better life.  So the first thing you should focus is writing the resume for jobs in Ahmedabad for MBA Fresher.  Writing the correct resume is very important. Hence before you actually start writing it, just analyse your strength, weakness and also research about your target area. Speak with friends in the same marketing industry‚ research about the positions you are looking as a MBA frehser‚ and get a good feel about the value that you can offer. Then incorporate your skills and positive points into your resume and cut short all the unrelated credentials.

Once you have finished writing your resume, post the resume in in.fulltimejobs.com. This is one site that gives you all the opportunities to grow your career from a fresher. Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one place in India that is our focus so that we can get hold of as many companies as we can to re assure the job growth opportunities in the state.

Jobs in Ahmedabad for MBA fresher is quite easy to find in our job portal as we take special care about jobs for fresher and we also look that deserving candidates should get their deserving salary.

Jobs in Ahmedabad for Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering starts from the day on which the wheel was invented. And after almost 5,500 years later, mechanical engineers are the back bone of any industry and without them no engineering or manufacturing industry can survive. Ahmedabad, the heart of Gujarat is having over 100 of manufacturing companies, comprises of small, medium and large scale. Therefore Jobs in Ahmedabad for Mechanical Engineer is now in abundance.

They are required for the improvising on products, to build new machines and even just to keep everything running properly and without any fault. Mechanical engineering is all about the design, analysis, manufacture and maintenance of machines of different shape and sizes.

There are sub divisions of this trade:

  • Production engineers those who make machines
  • Designing mechanical equipment professionals  those who are responsible for the designing the product
  • Thermal and fluid sciences engineers are those in the areas who design air-conditioners, fans, turbines, steam boilers and power plants.

Jobs in Ahmedabad for mechanical Engineer have various job options like:

  • Job opportunities in many different industries located in Ahmedabad
  • Your work may contribute to human development/comfort as well as environment in Ahmedabad.

This particular trade of engineering sector is the largest sector among the industrial segments in India and offers direct and indirect employment to over 4 million skilled and non-skilled workers (according to Corporate Catalyst India; June 2011). It is quite a diverse industry but jobs are quite available in this field and specially in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Candidates who are looking for jobs in Ahmedabad for mechanical Engineer should join in.fulltimejobs.com and post their resume. There are many job openings in heavy engineering segment and light engineering segment provided by top most companies in India and abroad.

Marketing Jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ahmedabad in Gujarat is the largest city of Gujarat. It is essentially an industrial city as it is known for its commerce and business. Trading is the main occupation here and many small, medium and large companies are established here for doing trading and business. With the opening of more and more companies here job openings are growing also. There is a great opportunity of the marketing jobs in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

If you are looking for suitable marketing jobs in Ahmedabad, then you should come and visit fulltimejobs India. This is one portal that companies are interested in posting jobs in all the fields of employment and it is not only targeted in one domain.

If you are experienced enough in marketing field and now looking for a promotion, then you can apply for marketing manager post as they earn an average salary of Rs 625,436 per year. In Ahmedabad you can expect always a good salary and it will get rises steadily if you have more experience with proven track record. Even as a fresher you can expect a decent salary in marketing jobs in Ahmedabad. A skill in Strategic Marketing is very much expected from job seekers if they are willing to get high pay for this job.

So interested candidate just log in to in.fulltimejobs.com, post your resume with proper information, and work experiences, so that you can expect a good job opening. Every day more and more companies from Ahmedabad, Gujarat is joining to our site and posting the requirement in terms of talent.

Part Time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Part time job is one of the easiest way of earning quick money, it has really become an essential requirement of people ranging from college going kids to aged person. It is a new opportunity created for those who thought their world has ended. For you the doors to the world of career based part time jobs in Ahmedabad are opened where you get a chance to work for India biggest projects and programs. The part time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat are mainly to deal with company's projects and programs. Ahmedabad in Gujarat is offering opportunity for assured and fast earning for all those who are interested in part time jobs.


 Fultimjobs India is an online job portal that has part time work for students, employed and unemployed people, homemakers and retired person enlisted in it. Most part- time jobs are related to the company's projects and programs. We have over 100 online and offline jobs you can choose from our portal that will suit your ability as well as timing. If you can afford to devote 3 to 4 hours a week you are earn a substantial amount of money and if your need is more then you have to spare 5 to 6 hours every month to accomplish your work for the part time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It’s best suitable for the homemakers, most of them who used to work before marriage but after marriage had to stop their job due to priorities. But this part time jobs in Ahmedabad which you can do from your home in your spare time. 

These kinds of jobs are also suitable for fresher who want to earn their own pocket money. 

Part time jobs in Ahmedabad is giving opportunities to the retired persons to earn some extra money by sparing some time, because money is the most important factor of life.

To know more about part time jobs in Ahmedabad please log in to fulltimejobs.


Career in Information Technology

Information technology (IT), as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware." IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information, securely.

 In India Computer reaches quite late but the good aspect was we have picked it very fast and over the last few decades there has been a tremendous growth in IT, which has almost revolutionized the very outlook of the world for India. Computer and information technology are now become a part of everything that touches our lives from the cars we drive, to the movies we watch, to the ways businesses and governments deal with us. Understanding different dimensions of computing is part of the necessary skill set for an educated person in the 21st century. According to leading reports, Indian software industry is set to achieve a turnover of 10 billion dollars by the year 2005. The projected demand for trained I.T. professionals is estimated at over 400,000 per year.  It has been seen that there is a clear imbalance between the demand and supply of IT professionals India and as a result this sector offers one of the highest remuneration packages. Also with the Internet rapidly changing the way we live, shop, entertain and work the entire scenario has changed in India along with whole world. And today Information Technology does not mean only to write codes there are many new avenues of job opportunities have been opened for every educated man.  There is a tremendous scope for entrepreneurs with radical new in this field. The domestic hardware industry has witnessed quantum growth in the turnover and profits, which is largely contributed to the growth of Indian economy. India has stood to the world standards and is representing them in whole world and you can say we are really dominating this field and are being getting respect all over the world over for our skilled IT Professionals. Even the government of our country has recognized the promising future of this industry and has formed a new IT Ministry which comes into action from over a decade ago which will give a boost to this industry. The ‘Web’ component of the IT sector is going to be perhaps the most vibrant and dominant. We are already witnessing that even the traditional business functions like trading a transactions have gone online. A recent survey has showed that there are already more than 3.75 million ‘netizens’ in the world. This increasing popularity of net-culture has created new kind of careers. In India this especially holds true since by 2004 we are going to be second only to China in usage of Internet. The various types of job functions available in a typical net-based environment would be content development, graphic designing, e-commerce, strategic planning, and business development and so on. The pay package is high along with on site job opportunity which is very lucrative for any middle class Indian families who never ever dreamt of paid foreign trips, earning in dollars, having a good car and very high standard of living. So we can always say “Shining India”.





Career in Hospitality Management

India is highly populated country and among them more than 40% are students. Though all students go to school, colleges, universities etc but everybody is not a good students. Our education systems categorize students according to the grade cards like students who scored above 90% in class 10 are brilliant and they should choose science as their higher classes, then comes students who scores from 75 to 90% they are considered as good students and they are advised to take commerce or commerce and science oriented streams and students below these percentage are considered as average students and they are told to take arts. These categories of students are looked down upon and considered useless. Even parents of these students do get frustrated and keep on worrying about the future of their children as they fail to score good marks.

It is very important to educate these parents that scoring of good marks in school or colleges has nothing to do with being successful in their lives. And studying science is not the only way out of getting good marks, there are many fields in which marks are not so important and even after scoring lesser marks one can do very well in life and can be successful in life. Hospitality Management is one of these fields in which there is a lot of scope of getting good job opportunities as well quite a high pay scale. Modern India is literally growing and now parents are eager enough to know and understand about hospitality management and they are really sending their chidden for studying hospitality management. There are many government and private institutes which are offering very good courses in hotel management and catering management.

Students who are taking admissions in these colleges or institutes may not be so good at normal traditional education but with proper training they learn various aspects of hospitality like dietetics, hotel management, food and beverage servicing bartending and most importantly the chef’s job. We all know that we all love to go for dining or lunch or for parties and in all these occasions food is the main attraction, and we have our favorite restaurant, we keep on talking about specialty of food of this particular hotel or cocktails or mock tails of that particular bar is fabulous; so all these are the job of chef or the bar tender so study of hotel management train their students on all these aspects in detail.

These courses are offered under certificate, diplomas and degrees programs. Once passing from good institutes one can expect job opening in any sector both private and government. May be salary in the initial stage may be less but with experience high salary is guaranteed. So hotel management can be a very good option for job prospect. And hotel industries are looking for smart, presentable and pleasant looking students to join in their companies. 




Top Five Job Sectors in India

IT and ITES:


Till the mid-1980s, IT & ITES as a sector barely existed. Computer science was a subject pursued only by the elite in engineering colleges. Then Y2K happened and Indian companies began recruiting engineers, even those from the non-IT segment, as poorly paid programmers to execute projects for their overseas clients.

It hasn't stopped since. Computer science has now become the hottest subject in educational institutions-from universities to IITs to even B-schools that are offering specializations in IT and systems.

The sector's growth story has been truly impressive. Touching $15.9 billion (Rs.67, 000 cr.) in 2003-4, the industry's contribution to India's GDP has risen from 1.4 per cent in 1998-99 to over 3 per cent now.

By 2008, the sector would be contributing 7 per cent to the GDP and 35 per cent to the exports. But the industry's significance in India's job market lie much beyond these numbers. With 8.5 lacs workers, the IT & ITES sector has a small employee base.

But in the past couple of years, it has been setting benchmarks for jobseekers and India Inc. Learning from the IT sector, corporate India is aggressively globalizing and tapping the exports market while adopting world-class employee management systems. The five-day week schedule, offices equipped with cafeterias, lounges and gyms, dollar salaries, overseas assignments-jobseekers from various sectors are getting a taste of the standard the IT sector has set.

Thankfully, this good news is no longer limited to the high-end white collar jobseekers. The buoyant BPO sector is absorbing English-speaking graduates in the thousands. In 2005, IT & ITES will be the biggest job generator, creating more than 2.75 lacs jobs. India's huge cost advantages with quality assurances and large pool of skilled manpower will keep the going smooth. More than 250 of the Fortune 500 firms outsource their IT needs to India. There is more growth in store.


Top 5 companies in India:


  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • IBM
  • Dell


It does not have the glamour of the IT world. Nor does it have a sizzling growth story like the telecom. But here's a turnaround story that nobody thought would ever happen. Three years ago, the Rs.1, 86,000 cr. textile and garment industry was known more for its problems than its opportunities.

True, the sector accounts for nearly 4 per cent of India's GDP and accounts for about 20 per cent of its earnings. With 83 million workers, it employs close to 8 per cent of the country's population. Yet, the textiles sector rarely made news in the job market. It looks like this all is beginning to change.

Industry estimates for 2005 make it the second largest job-generating sector after IT & ITES. After the removal of country-specific quota on garment exports from January 1, 2005, the industry has been hit by a wave of hope. The sector is undergoing an overhaul.

Export orders have surged. Post-quota regime, big Indian exporters are ramping up production as they expect no global buyer would want to put all its eggs in the China basket. It is estimated that annual exports will $13.5 billion (Rs.60, 500 cr.) to $50 billion by 2010. The industry is expected to make investments of Rs.18, 000 cr. in the next 12-18 months and create 12 million jobs (direct and indirect).

Thankfully the government is waking up now. It is considering flexible labor laws for the garment sector. Most textile and garment companies are on a recruitment spree. Orient Craft, which hired 3,500 people in the past two years, is looking at far bigger numbers in the next two years.

Headhunters and placement companies which rarely handled mandates from textile firms are setting up dedicated teams to manage their needs. What is interesting is that besides offering well-paying jobs, the industry offers plenty of blue-collar jobs as well. The only flipside: not-so-professional work environment. But improvement is on the cards.


Top 5 companies in India:

·         Arvind Mills

·         Garden Silk Mills

·         Gokuldas Group

·         Bombay Dyeing

·         Raymond



India has the eighth largest telecom network in the world with an estimated size of 9 dollars billion

Name it and they have it. Here is a sector that has a job for virtually everyone-well-paid MBAs to plan their business growth, English-speaking graduates for their customer-care back office, low-end blue-collar workers for laying telecom networks, sales and marketing executives for pushing sales and engineers for the upcoming manufacturing and maintenance jobs.

The good news is that such a broadband growth story will continue in the future. It wasn't so in the 1990s when an extremely regulated sector with the PSU monopoly grew at a snail's pace thanks to high tariffs and choked infrastructure.

With privatization and dramatic policy initiatives, the sector has witnessed a virtual turnaround over the past decade. Tariffs have tumbled. Local mobile calls costRs12per minute in 1995 and long distance over Rs.40 per minute. Today, it costs less thanRs.3 per minute for calls to any part of the country. Growing at 20 per cent, telephone connections grew from 27.53 million in 2000 to 93 million by 2004. Tele-density has gone up from 2.86 per hundred people in 1999-2000 to 8.5 now.

Today, India has the eighth largest telecom network in the world with an estimated size of $9 billion (Rs.40, 000 cr) and is expected to touch a high of $23 billion by 2010. Such a sharp growth has led the telecom companies to hunt for talent across all sectors. One can get brilliant customer-support staff from the hospitality and BPO sectors, sales executives from FMCG, systems experts from the IT sector and engineers from the manufacturing sector.

This offers a great opportunity for jobseekers to work with people from diverse background. But like the IT and services industry, here is a caveat. Since it is a very technology-led sector, obsolescence of skills is very high. "To ensure employability people will constantly need to update their skills," says Steve Correa, chief human resources officer, Hutchison Essar.


Top 5 companies in India:

·         Reliance Info

·         Bharti Group

·         Hutch

·         Tata Teleservices

·         Idea



In the past two years, the retail loan market has grown over 100 per cent Every time you take a loan-home, vehicle or personal. Every time you use your credit card. Every time you buy an insurance policy, a share or a mutual fund. Through each of these transactions-and many more-you create a demand for one or the other financial services.

And that demand invariably translates into a job in one or the other financial services. Nowhere is this growth more visible than in the consumer banking industry where the number of savings accounts has gone up exponentially. ICICI Bank, for example, has seen its depositor base grow from six lakh in 2000 to 1.1 cr in 2005.Bank branches have become modern, and automation has taken over big time with banks across the spectrum installing ATM machines for cash withdrawals.

The erstwhile credit averse-country has seen a sharp growth in consumer lending since 1999 when the interest rates started dipping. In the past two years, the retail loan market has grown over 100 per cent from Rs.44, 100 cr in 2001-2 to Rs.1, 00,000 cr in 2003-4 and is expected touchRs.1, 34,000 cr by March 2005. The biggest surge has happened in home loans which comprise close to 47 per cent of the pie.

The credit card base has grown in tandem, touching 12 million by 2004-end as against 0.3 million in 1990. The insurance sector has been a new growth story. It is estimated that 700 insurance agents are being added every month by the industry. But better still is the fact that liberalization has also altered the landscape of the jobs the sector offers.

The demand for sales, marketing and call-centre executives is enormous. Headhunters estimate that 40 per cent of the new hiring is for sales people. The small breed of investment bankers, relationship managers and deal makers are among the best paid and the most sought after in the job market today.


Top 5 companies in India:

·         ICICI Bank

·         HDFC Bank

·         UTI Bank

·         ABN Amro

·         HSBC, Stand chart



India is the second largest emerging retail market in the world after China. Retail can be considered as a great job opportunity. Most middle-class Indians would have sneered at the thought of retail as a preferred choice for a career. And it is not without reason. Retail in India has largely been-and still is-an unorganized sector and the jobs it offered were never respectable, well-paying or inspirational. For the educated, middle-class Indians, becoming a sales agent or a merchandise manager was not an option to be considered.

All that has changed in the past five years as professional organizations have got into the fray in every segment. From coffee shops like Barista to grocery stores like Sabka Bazaar, food chains like McDonald's to fashion stores like Westside, gadget retailers like Sony World to fitness accessory sellers like Reebok, organized retailing is growing rapidly both in size and respectability. The retail industry has been booming.

According to retail expert KSA Techno Park, the industry has grown more than five times in as many years. From Rs.5, 000 cr in 1999 to Rs.28, 000 cr in 2004, India's organized retail market has made a giant leap. The total retail market is pegged atRs.8, 75,000 cr and a 2002 estimate puts employment at 42 million. Experts say the sector creates 1.4 million jobs every year. It is expected to grow by 25-30 per cent annually to touchRs.1, 00,000 cr by 2010.

A rising disposable income, changing lifestyles and growing consumerism will only bolster growth in retailing as is evident from the mushrooming of multiplexes, hypermarkets and malls. Over 100 malls are expected in Delhi and its suburbs in the next three years.

The national tally would go up from 20 to 900 by 2009. India is the second largest emerging retail market in the world after China. This is an employment-intensive sector. A rough estimate pegs the direct jobs offered by the organized sector at 50,000 and sees the boom spreading to smaller cities.

Top 5 Companies in India:


·         Shopper's Stop

·         Food World

·         Life Style

·         McDonald's

·         Pizza Hut



Indian Labor Market Shining in 2012

Job seekers in India this new year 2014 as a real good year as jobs are coming back and about 850,000 new jobs are expected across different sectors and that includes FMGC (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) and health care. This completely new growth in India has been predicted in a survey that has been recently conducted among 5,600 firms across 12 industry sectors. Apart from health care rise in jobs will be seen in IT, retail and hospitality sectors.

According to the CEO of “My HiringClub.com” Mr Rajesh Kumar “last year was not good either for job seekers or for employers due to certain and fluctuated economical and political conditions. 2014 is coming with positive vibes for job seekers as well as employers and expected to create 850,000 new jobs in different sectors”.   He also added, “Finding employees who have employability or job readiness skills that help fir into and remain in the work environment is a real problem and threatening to growth. These issues need to be addressed on priority”.

According to the survey by an independent body it showed that FMGC would lead the chart and is expected to generate almost 150,000 new jobs, followed by healthcare(133,000), IT and ITes(121,000), retail(86,700) and hospitality (83,400).

Even banking sector will see steep rise in job with almost 61,400), manufacturing and engineering industry will have all reason to smile with a job rise of 51,500. Education, training and consultancy will also see a positive growth in job of 42,900. Even media and entertainment industry and real estate are also expected to create a substantial amount of new job opportunity. Hence happy days are here again for all the jobs seekers , both fresher and experienced.