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Hiring of copy writer is going on

A Mumbai based company is looking to hire dynamic copy writers for their company.

The candidate should be creative enough to think independently, can able to visualize what client is asking for.

Excellent Salary for the right candidate.

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Click the link: http://goo.gl/EexL5A

How to set Goal in life

Setting goal in life seems to be a problem during the teen age specially when you are in college. This is the ideal time rather the ideal time for setting a goal in your life is when you are in class XI and XII. This is the right time to decide about priority of life, it's the time when you can think clearly where you want to head, which field is most gratifying for you.

Once you can analyze yourself the goal seems easier to you. The goal comes closer to you once you have analyzed your mind. If you love maths and love solving them, then a graduation and post graduation in maths will be an ideal choice of your career. if computer attracts you, then just go for something in computer starting from hardware to animation or movies. If your interest lies in science and robots then you can think of becoming a research scholar. 

Even clerical or government jobs are not a bad idea if you are keen and looking for a secured life. So analyzing yourself is very important from the starting to set a goal.

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Role of FulltimeJobs India in Getting the Job

After completing study, all you do is looking for a new job so that you can get a suitable job soon and start earning for yourself and for family.  You try to apply through job advertisement but you can’t find your preferable job, and you are in dilemma as you don't know where to look, what to do and who to speak to? After few failed attempts like you probably are clueless and at last start sulking into depression. Here Fulltimejobs India can play a big role in shaping your career.

Get Noticed

To get a job you have to reach to the people who actually handle the employment part, and here people mean recruiters or companies, not your neighbours or relatives or friends of friends. To get notice first create a resume of yours and post your resume to the leading job portals like Fulltimejobs India and many others. These are the places where actually, thousands of employers and recruiters are available and they are in search of talented and hardworking people for their companies. So when you create a profile in the job portals with your proper email id and phone number you get noticed by thousands of employers and recruiters.

Appropriate Resume

Resume is the first thing for being noticed so be very sincere and careful while writing one. Resume is not an autobiography, so make it small, simple, to the point and fact driven. Do not over do in your resume as you should always remember that people who are searching the CV’s are far more intelligent than you and will understand your potential. Resume is a kind of tool that will help in marketing you. Highlight your strength and the description of your work because that is what is most important. Update your resume in every three months, in this way you will always have better chance to get noticed.

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Job for Editorial Writers

Hey Mumbai Ladies!!!

An excellent opening for those who love to write and want to be an editor.

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Iphone Developer On-Hire

Good News for for all Iphone Developers!!!!

Hiring is going on for Iphone Developers in Surat Gujarat.

Your role and responsibilities will be to develop & implementing iPhone, iPad and iOS mobile applications. Take start-to-finish technical ownership of features and/or applications from inception to delivery. Work from UI/UX requirements to build functional, high-performance iPhone and iPad apps. Monitoring iOS market feedback and reacting swiftly to user demand. Research the latest technologies, test, implement, and report back.

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Iphone and Android Developers

Job Opening for PHP Developers 

We are hiring Iphone and Android Developers for our company with excellent salary

Current Industry: Information Technology

Functional Role: Mobile Apps Developers

Location:South Delhi, Delhi

Start Date: 13/01/2015

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Sr Creative Designer

Job Opening for Sr Creative Designer

We are hiring for Sr Creative Designer in our company

Current Industry: Information Technology

Functional Role: Creative Designer

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Start Date: 29/12/2014

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Career in Health Care Industry in India

The jobs in healthcare industry in India is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15 per cent is expected to touch US$ 250 billion by 2020. The sector has seen a remarkable growth driven by a number of factors such as rapid increase in the average life and average income levels, rising awareness for health insurance, growing lifestyle related health issues, cheaper costs for treatment, thrust in medical tourism, government initiatives and focus on Public Private Partnership (PPP) models. Hence, big companies are investing hugely in health care industry in India and as a result many people are seeking career opportunities in health care industry in our country. 

The sector markets five major segments in Healthcare Industry jobs - Hospital , Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Medical Equipment and Supplies and Medical Insurance. Jobs and careers in the healthcare industry are most promising in all these five sectors if we leave alone the jobs for doctors or nurses.

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Every sector today is IT based whether it maybe government, banking, defense, health etc. Recently there has been a huge command for banking jobs in Information Technology. Banking jobs have always been considered as the most secured of all in the job sector. Banking IT jobs are vital for the performance of all the financial organizations. Not just foreign banks but nationalized banks are also IT enabled. It is now compulsory for all banks to have the basic computer knowledge.

Fulltimejobs India understands the potential of IT industry as well as other sectors and hence we tend to provide as much as job openings in various sectors as we can. We gather information about jobs from different regions of India and also from different sectors like IT, banking, hospital etc and update our database with all the correct information about the job openings. Along with other sectors we tend to give emphasis on the IT industry, this is because when the whole of the world was suffering from the recession, Indian IT jobs sector showed a promising trend for new works and opportunities. Recession did affect India but we have so many job opportunities in different sectors that India could handle it well.

Today India is one of the prominent outsourcing countries because, IT, data-entry, customer service and other back-office related IT Jobs that are outsourced, helps foreign companies cut down on their costs.

How to Become Data Entry Operator

It seems simple to become a data entry operator because it does not require you to be technically strong or you have to have a very good mark sheet but even to become a good data entry operator you must have certain qualities. Good data entry operators need only have a high school certificate minimum. Good typing speed and skills are helpful and might be learned in a variety of contexts. Work experience in the similar field could give applicants an edge when applying for jobs

 Along with experience in the relevant field if you have knowledge of any database software, spreadsheets and word processing it will help you to get good job. Good spelling, grammar and punctuation skills are also necessary, as well as right reading comprehension is mandatory. Data entry operators must be familiar with basic office equipment like computers, scanners, copiers and calculators. All these skills are normally available at the high school level and in the school computer lab, so no extra training is generally required, but if you still want to have edge over other candidates then there are online tutorials from where you can take training of few days. Employment agencies, temporary agencies, public libraries and community colleges also offer courses in keyboarding skills and data entry.