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Career in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is one of these fields in which there is a lot of scope of getting good job opportunities as well quite a high pay scale. Modern India is literally growing and now parents are eager enough to know and understand about hospitality management and they are really sending their kids for studying hospitality management. There are many government and private institutes which are offering very good courses in hotel management and catering management.

Students who are taking admissions in these colleges or institutes may not be so good at normal traditional education but with proper training they learn various aspects of hospitality like dietetics, hotel management, food and beverage servicing bartending and most importantly the chef’s job. We all know that we all love to go for dining or lunch or for parties and in all these occasions food is the main attraction, and we have our favorite restaurant, we keep on talking about specialty of food of this particular hotel or cocktails or mock tails of that particular bar is fabulous; so all these are the job of chef or the bar tender so study of hotel management train their students on all these aspects in detail.


Jobs Available in Jaipur

Jaipur in Rajasthan is also known as Pink city. Jobs in various segment is available here. Tourism Jobs are most available here. This is because people from all the over comes to visit this city. This city is very famous for it’s heritage and also for it’s historical memories.

It still carry the reminiscence of the Mughal era and much beyond it.  Another reason Jaipur is popular is because of its handicrafts and embroidery works which are most dominating in this city of India.

There are also jobs available in FMGC sector as well in Jaipur.  Along with FMGC sector Garment Industry Jobs, IT Software Jobs, Tourism Jobs, handicrafts and embroidery Jobs, Jewelry design Jobs are also there.  

In Jaipur Metro, Hotel Jobs, PHP Developer, Software Developer, Web Designer Jobs, Marketing Executive jobs are also been found, dairy industry jobs in Jaipur Rajasthan in also quite popular.


Job Opening for Business Development Executives

A Company in Ahmedabad is looking to hire Business Development Executives

Having experience in International Marketing and Sales


Having experience in Bidding through bidding sites.


Should have experience in IT Services Company


Basic knowledge in web research.

Can understand client's requirement. Have got knowledge in SEO and a eagerness and enthusiasm to work and understood its roles and responsibilities related to the project completion.



The role is focused purely on new business and is suited to people who are ‘sales hungry’ and who can exploit their exceptional sales skills with effective and successful results.


 To apply to this job and to know more about this job click this link http://goo.gl/85Ur76

Find out Jobs in Delhi India

With improvement in the job market since last year our capital New Delhi is showing remarkable growth in IT or Information Technology sector as it was expected with the release of the quarterly employment survey for January-March period this year. Many new companies in manufacturing, Investment banking, Information Technology etc are opening their offices in New Delhi and expecting a huge job opening in our capital city.

Even small and medium scale companies are opening their offices there. You can expect a good start in salary in Delhi. Jobs for accountant, IT, Networking and hardware are available. Candidates who are engineers in various core fields like Mechanical, Electrical, etc can expect good openings in Delhi.

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Find jobs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is an Indian city rising as a perfect job market. It holds seductive job opportunities for individuals with completely different interests and skills. So, if you haven't however got that ideal chance for job search, you'll be able to expect to the present Indian city.

Hyderabad, from a final few years has been on an increase with its employment opportunities. Be it a management graduate, or an experienced seeking employment in IT, the town serves each of them quite well as job openings are in abundant. Within the early years, producing, education, and business remained the sectors empowering the economic edges of the town, whereas within the later years, Hyderabad went on to become a significant destination for varied job opportunities including pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Whereas these sectors are escalating the use rate in Hyderabad, service sector remains dominant.


Find Jobs in Chennai India

The Chennai city, within the previous couple of years has been evolved on all doable standards, as well as infrastructure and employment generation. Chennai is currently among the foremost most popular job destinations for professionals all across the state. This city contributes to almost one quarter of the country's automotive exports. Nearly one third of the country's industry lies here that leads to huge job opening

Chennai's software system services have attained it accolades within the international market. It’s among the outstanding Indian cities for off shoring services. It homes different national and international corporations as well as Amazon, Honeywell, Amazon, Intel and eBay with their development centers within the city. This makes Chennai a significant businessperson of IT services within the international market.  

Moving to Chennai can prove beneficial and you'll realize the most effective of care establishments. This makes it very popular and most preferred destination among medical tourists also as many famous medical diagnostic centers and hospitals are present. In this city your job search will end for sure and you can start a bright career.





Women and Work Place in india

Being woman is itself a tough job in India, because it’s on women’s shoulder her entire family revolves. In India she is not only a woman, she has to perform several duties starting from becoming a daughter, wife, daughter in law, and most important a mother. But in spite of every obstacle women in India both is urban and rural area are doing great when it comes to earn money. Educated women in India are managing the demands of their careers and family obligations far better than their peers in the West and Japan.

working Indian women quit their jobs to deal with family problems, a rate similar to those found among American, German and Japanese women. But on average, the Indian women returned to their jobs in less than a year compare to the women of the western world, which is commendable. The way Indian women balance their work and home is a superb job and only they can put in this kind of effort.

Fulltimejobs India salutes women empowerment and their zeal of achieving success.

Searching Part Time jobs in Ahmedabad

Part time job is one of the easiest way of earning quick money, it has really become an essential requirement of people ranging from college going kids to aged person.

It is a new opportunity created for those who thought their world has ended. For you the doors to the world of career based part time jobs in Ahmedabad are opened where you get a chance to work for India biggest projects and programs.

The part time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat are mainly to deal with company's projects and programs. Ahmedabad in Gujarat is offering opportunity for assured and fast earning for all those who are interested in part time jobs.

Why Resumes need Cover letter

It is mandatory to have a cover letter with resume these days. You need to understand that when you are sending a resume to apply to any job a cover letter will be the first page that will reflect the resume. 

You may find in the job advertisement that they are only asking for the resumes to submit but it is an unwritten rule to include a proper and very informative cover letter accompanying your job application.

Whether it’s mention or not but the hiring department will expect that applicants should have a cover letter attached with them that will give a brief introduction of the candidates and their work experiences which will highlight the main resumes. In fact it is the part of the job application that can convince H.R department to schedule a job interview for you. It is taken as a sign of laziness or ignorance, if you missed out the cover letter along with the resume.  

The main intention of attaching a cover letter will be to look for the summary of any communication that reaches him; the cover letter is precisely the portion of any job application that gives him a quick look at the person applying for the job.

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How to Get New Jobs Faster

There are many conventional ways to get a job. But all these ways are not actually the faster ways to get a new job. Newspaper advertisement is one of the most conventional ways through which people try for jobs. With inception of online recruitment portal or job portal, in short it has become easy to find a suitable job. Job seekers register in these portals and upload their resumes in the portal for absolutely free. Employers or the recruiting agencies search through all the resumes and select some of them for interviews. These days, there is a shortage between demand and supply, where candidates are higher in number whereas jobs are lesser in number, so to get noticed and also to get new job faster, now job portal in.fulltimejobs.com has introduced new techniques.

Our portal helps our job seekers to upload audio and video resumes, because in this way the candidate can explain himself or herself in much better way, the understanding between the HR and the candidates become really strong and this is one easy way to get a new job faster. Also paid service of our portal of writing resume professionally and also increase of the visibility of the resumes become much higher, and this is one sure shot way to get a new job faster.

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