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How to Maintain Office Etiquettes

We are living in such a space today that whole world has become a global village. India is also truly shining as it has its presence all over the world. These days’ people from India are going global in true sense. From a job assignment abroad to doing business all over the world Indian are doing great.

But while interacting with global clients or colleagues from different parts of the world you should know how to interact with them properly in a professional way. In a global office work environment is entirely different than the domestic companies here in India. You may face a multicultural place of work where you are working with people from China, USA, Germany and other parts of the world. You can have boss from Saudi Arab, or if you are doing business you may have a new client from Japan. So you have to know how to conduct yourself before everybody so that people from all over the world can praise about your etiquettes and you will also feel confident about yourself.

First thing you must remember that to gather knowledge about the multi cultural team with whom you are going to work. Try to gather as much information as you can, this will help you to build a good working relationship with them.

Also in case of client handling from different culture, try to know more about that culture, be a good host, if you are playing the host then pay the bills, in case you are interacting with woman client you need to be extra careful so that it should not look over the top.

 For every person it is very important to maintain time in which ever geographical location you are situated. Respecting others time will earn you respect in your work field and in office.  It is a very important term in office and work place; you must understand your designation as well you should understand other’s designation. Your seniors can give you advices which you may like, may not like but by following the hierarchy you must follow them. Always try to listen first and then start talking, but also practice to listen full and properly and then start talking. It is important for taking or giving interviews or when you are having serious discussion. You must understand who your client is? Where from he is? Accordingly you will be able to build relationship with him. You must take into consideration several things from booking hotels for your clients to paying for the meals.

Good gestures always matters so greet people with a smile, shake hands with the guests and treat them warmly. Also color of dress and also what dress you are wearing is very important for a client meeting. While discussing the proposal do not show impatience. Do not look desperate and also just do not bring business just after sitting on the couch. Give some time to relax and to get comfortable. You must be aware of your client and accordingly you will be preparing yourself for the business meeting. Exchange business cards first to give a proper impression about you. Always keep in mind that client should go back with a positive impression in mind regarding you and your proposal.

Mission of Fulltimejobs

We are just 4 years old but yet we have been able to touch hundreds of lives and off course we are the reason behind smiles of many faces. Started from USA we have reached and touched more than 12 countries and everywhere we have been able to show our positive growth.

Our target is to reach to every part of the world and concentrate on every job sector that is available in the market. We are publishing job government and private jobs and encouraging everyone to read our articles and blog to understand our mission. Along with Information Technology which is the current hot cake among the job seekers we are publishing jobs from various sectors like Accounting and Finance, Advanced manufacturing, Advertising and marketing,  agriculture Dairy and Fishing, Business services, Air courier, Aviation, Apparel, Architecture and Interior Designing  and many more. Along with various sectors we have also posted jobs based on location like state and country, so that job seekers and employers always find their suitable job and employee respectively from their own local place. Because location plays a very important part and can be a deciding factor when it comes to salary, so location based job will help one to decide about the job.


Very soon we will start publishing home based job or work from home jobs to facilitate women employment growth. So keep looking at our website and blog to know more about us.

Fulltimejobs India

Fulltimejobs India is the extension of the Fulltimejobs USA job site that has already tasted success in their country and after travelling many countries it has put its first step in India for Indian people. The effort behind the conceptualization of this Indian site is being given as we know India is a vast country with growing economy. This country had full potential for employment of millions and also they have large number of companies coming up every month and they are in dire need to good talents.

To give a proper shape to this concept we started this job site Fulltimejobs India where both recruiters and job seekers can come under one platform and we can become the cause of this handshaking. This site is not only aiming the established companies for registering their jobs, but equal importance is being given to a small startup company, as they are more in need of good talented people. Similarly fresher are most welcome to drop in their resumes in our site, which has a facility even to post audio and video resumes, hence you will always get a better chance to express yourself along with the general doc format resume.

So you will have a better chance to get a job that you desire as your recruiters will know you in much better way. And for recruitment companies you would always have a better chance to judge and understand your employee before you actually call them for an interview.

Fulltimejobs India not only provide online recruitment solutions but at the same time we provide information regarding good job opportunities, vacancies, Indian economy, job growth etc and also guide you about, how to write resumes, how to write cover notes, what are must for e well documented resumes, how to groom yourself for an interview and many things more. You can find us in face book and twitter as well, you can read all our posts there and can upgrade yourself accordingly for a better life and future.