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Setting up Priority in Work Place

Setting up priority is equally important in life as much as important in work place. You have to always be prepared for multiple jobs throwing at you and you have to actually act smart to choose between what to do first and what not.

Choosing priority is not tough if you are kind of calculative person and have a logical mind to think.

Positive thinking is what you require in any tricky situation. Staying calm and relaxed will help you to see the future clearly. Then start seeing all the options that are in your hand. 

Always remember it is better to finish what ever you have taken in hand. Once you finish your job in hand then take the next job that would not take you much time to finish. Then go for ending the critical work that would require much time and more focus.

In this way you would be able to set your priority clear.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Marketing is a way of promoting website or any product in internet. It refers to a set of methodologies and powerful tools that are used for mainly selling products and services on web platform. 


Online marketing jobs includes a wide range of marketing procedures than traditional business marketing due to the added advantage and marketing mechanisms available on the Internet. 


Online marketing can deliver several benefits such as:

Growth in business

•Reduced expenses of traditional advertisement

•Direct communications with audience

•Better control of the products or services

•Improved customer service 

•Competitive advantage

Online marketing is popularly known as Internet marketing, Web marketing, digital marketing and search engine marketing (SEM)


Increments in Various Jobs in India

A Report:

"Appraisals are a highly anticipated event amongst professionals. While as a rule those who deserve good salary hikes will get them, employers have adapted to the changing business environment,” said by CEO Uday Sodhi of Head Honcho. He also mentioned further that the "focus for most employers continues to be on performance-linked reward and recognition systems, often through compensation packages that have a high variable component."

"According to a short poll done by HeadHonchos.com, working professionals are ready to hear moderate pay rises during the annual appraisal cycle this year, with 46 per cent of respondents which will increase the increment range between 6 per cent and 15 per cent".

How to acquire training for changing careers

Changing careers should be a conscious decision and should not carry out by whims. It should always be preplanned and well calculated. If you are in a job where you are not at all satisfaction, you feel your talent and energy is getting wasted as you are not happy with the existing job, then it is always better to change your job. For the average working man or woman, this is not always easy to do a job which is not giving them happiness. You may love your company, but not your job; so, what do you do? Well, first of all, nothing is going to change unless you MAKE IT HAPPEN! So if you are looking to open yourself up to new and exciting career opportunities, keep reading! If not, you must have the greatest job ever.

Maybe you took a job at your current company because you loved their corporate culture or because it was the best offer available at the time you conducted your job search. So now it’s been a few years and maybe you met that someone special or your very first little one is one the way. Either way, you feel like you have paid your dues and it’s time for you to move up. How do you do that?


 Making a career change without refreshing your network and finding a new mentor will not be helpful.

Don't ever attempt a career change alone. As soon as you have identified the career field you want to switch into, begin developing new network contacts. Conduct informational interviews. Join industry associations. People in your network can provide inside information about job-openings and can even champion you to hiring managers. Networking is essential for all job-seekers, but even more so for career-changers. And use a current or new mentor as a sounding board to help guide you in the transition. Learn more about networking and also take advice of your mentor and understand his values. 

Changing careers without examining all the possibilities will be a foolish thing. Don't jump career fields without first conducting thorough research into all the possibilities, including career fields you may never have considered. By conducting research into careers you have never considered or been exposed to, you may find the career of your dreams. Talk to people in your network, read career and job profiles; meet with a career management professional. The more information you have about various career choices, the more successful you'll be in making a career change. Use these research resources.

 Always make a career change with full assessment of likes/dislikes and with self-reflection. Self-assessment (of your skills, values, and interests) is a critical component to career-change success. Make a list of the skills you love doing (in your job, in your hobbies, in all aspects of your life) and the skills you never want to do again. Next, consider taking one or more assessment tests, especially those with a career component. Preparing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Analysis is also a useful activity. All these activities are designed so that you better understand yourself -- your product  so that you can find the best career for you and then sell yourself to employers in that new career.

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Impact of FDI in Indian Job Market

“Irrespective of the political furor over entry of foreign direct investment (FDI) into the retail and aviation sectors, the impact on the organized job market is likely to be highly positive”, say experts.

FDI will bring more investments,  it will lead to expansion and mergers and acquisitions, and change ownership in retail and aviation. All this will ultimately create more jobs, they said.

Aditya Narayan Mishra, president - staffing, Randstad India, an HR services firm, said “it is not possible to cite a precise figure for the number of jobs that FDI in these sectors will create. But hiring will happen at a faster pace”.

Randstad estimates that the consumer retail sector will add over 54,000 jobs this year, while aviation will give direct and indirect employment to 1.7 million people.

Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO, Retailers Association of India, said “for every 250 sq ft of retail space that is added, one new job is created”. “With FDI, the opportunities will be more,” said Mishra.

In retail, we have seen economic slowdown and because of this weak consumer sentiment have hurt most organized retailers of India that have shut down 5-10% of their non-performing stores.

In aviation, several Indian carriers suffers huge loss and they are still suffering losses due to high taxes on fuel, loans, poor infrastructure, rising airport fees and stiff competition.

Against this background, FDI will help create front-end, shop-level and back-end jobs to shore up supply chains, operations, logistics, said Sunil Goel, director of search firm GlobalHunt India. “In aviation, too, there will be more jobs for roles at the ground level, ticketing, cargo, customer services as well as cabin crew.”

An HR official from a retail chain said “there were apprehensions earlier about organized retail chains. But now, the organized sector puts forth a requirement for thousands of jobs each year. With the sector opening up, the job spread will subsequently increase.”

There were lot of damages due to problems like outlets shutting down, the overall workforce in the retail sector has shrunk 40% this year, compared to the pre-2008 levels when players would open 100-120 outlets per year.

“Currently, expansion is going slow with hardly any new stores coming up. Thus FDI will re infuse the need for expansion and hiring.”

FDI in retail is a kind of boon for the country like India; it will lead to creation of new jobs especially in the bigger cities and our metros. Rather it will help to reduce the malicious intentions of the middlemen of this trade.

Though a lot has been said about good things that FDI in retail will bring but at the same time we have to take into account the grey areas. 

Fulltime Job Vacancies in India

Every sector today is IT based whether it maybe government, banking, defense, health etc. Recently there has been a huge command for banking jobs in Information Technology. Banking jobs have always been considered as the most secured of all in the job sector. Banking IT jobs are vital for the performance of all the financial organizations. Not just foreign banks but nationalized banks are also IT enabled. It is now compulsory for all banks to have the basic computer knowledge.


Fulltimejobs India understands the potential of IT industry as well as other sectors and hence we tend to provide as much as job openings in various sectors as we can. We gather information about jobs from different regions of India and also from different sectors like IT, banking, hospital etc and update our database with all the correct information about the job openings. Along with other sectors we tend to give emphasis on the IT industry, this is because when the whole of the world was suffering from the recession, Indian IT jobs sector showed a promising trend for new works and opportunities. Recession did affect India but we have so many job opportunities in different sectors that India could handle it well.


Today India is one of the prominent outsourcing countries because, IT, data-entry, customer service and other back-office related IT Jobs that are outsourced, helps foreign companies cut down on their costs. Indian government has always been supportive for IT development in the country. India has cost-effective labor which is highly skilled and knowledgeable.   It has always supported new infrastructural developments and latest technology. One of the biggest advantages Fulltimejobs India that they have a very strong recruitment cell that is very much aggressive and keeps all information about every single opportunity for jobs.


Fulltimejobs India has a large number of resumes of job seekers from all parts of India. We keep all types of resumes, whether they are experienced, or fresher, with all kind of skill sets and ability to deliver. India is a land of talent and here as we have a huge population talented people are much easier to find. In our country we have very good English speaking people as compared to any other developing country. So, it’s very easier for them to get jobs to the outsourcing industry because of fluency in English .Even part-time jobs or home based works are IT enabled.



Fulltimejobs India has created great pportunities for the job seekers as well as for the employer.

IT Jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore in India is known as Silicon Valley of India, the city has registered a double- digit annual growth almost of 18% in the employment index for India. Until now, Bangalore not only remained the strongest annual gainer among major metro-markets, but also was the only one among all major metros to reach up to 19 points from January last year 12 in January 2012.

 According to employment index every year the growth rate is creasing every year by 6%. “Given the current global economic conditions, it is not surprising to see continued single digit annual growth in the Index. However, employers have started the year on a relatively positive note with continued recruitment within large sectors like IT, FMCG and Import/Export," said Sanjay Modi, managing director (India/ Middle East/ South East Asia)”.

This city has shown real remarkable growth, leading the pack with more than 20% annual growth in the Index.

Among all the sectors, Information Technology sector is doing remarkable. All the best jobs of IT have been collected in Bangalore. Many international It companies including Google, Microsoft have offices in Bangalore and all talented candidates are going there to grab the lucrative jobs over there.

The demand in talented job seekers is increasing every day. However, it was declining continuously since September 2011. But now things have changed and more and more IT jobs are coming up in the way and Bangalore. It is leading the way of Software development in India. It is the prime location for the all white color jobs and the companies offer good pay package.


Not only is the pay package, the city itself very much appealing, it has a very pleasant weather. It is quite a peaceful city, with good transport facility. Bangalore holds a special position in global compass of software industry.

Fulltime Jobs Portal in India

In India, there is a growing popularity of the new job portal FulltimeJobs India.  However, it’s an emerging online recruitment portal but within a short span of time, they have managed to earn a respect among the job mongers of India. This is one of the best online job portal today India has and is doing great in the field of recruitment and hiring.

FulltimeJobs portal in India is gaining popularity because of its uniqueness. This portal does not only focuses only on the reputed MNCs of India, but they also provide all kinds of job information from small or just start up companies as well as medium scales companies. If you are recent passed out and want to get a start up job to enhance your skill and brush up your talent, then Fulltimejobs India portal is the right place for you. In this job portal you will not get lost in the crowd of only big companies advertising their job openings, and hiring of only experienced job seekers, here there is scope for everybody and we give chance to everybody to show case their talent  and skill.

As far as the advertisement of the companies go, we have not limited ourselves to only big giants, but our focus also lie in the all the other companies from all parts of the India, we try to pick up companies from each and every states, we keep a close watch on which companies are doing better in the states and always bring information about those companies, about their job openings and all other details.

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Fresher Jobs in Gurgaon

Welcome to  www.fulltimejobs.com. It is a complete and one stop online job portal for the fresher, those who have passed out and giving job interviews. Our website give all the information about the companies who are hiring fresher, just like Ericsson, IBM and Cognizant are hiring Fresher 2013 for Software Developer jobs in Gurgaon. This is the good news for the Fresher Applicants those who have desired to to work in the MNC Company as Software Developer jobs 2013. The companies who hire fresher consider that applicants have sound and strong knowledge in the required profile for the Software Developer jobs. In places like Gurgaon, there is no dearth of talent so it is important for the fresher candidates to have a strong back ground in studies and demanded that applicants have qualifications of BE/B.Tech from any recognized Institute for the fresher It jobs in Gurgaon. For the Software Developer jobs applicants have sound knowledge in the basic language programming for the companies to hire for Software Developer Positions in any MNCs of India. In most of the companies, the openings for fresher applicants for the Positions Software Developer without any experiences can expect handsome salary from the starting of the job as software development jobs are in high demand. Applicants are expected to have very good communications skills for the IT jobs for fresher applicants as Software Developer jobs in Gurgaon.  Applicants must have sound and deep Knowledge in the Software Developer for the the post of Software Developer.



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Find Jobs in IT

It is likely to be among our top two or three source our country is growing towards the growth of IT industries.  Top companies like IBM, Infosys showed the way of how the information technology industry will continue to transform India, through and beyond this period of temporarily subdued economic growth. Important people from all over the world demonstrates India's genius and helps to show why it is going to be a source of global economic growth and unique social innovation for many decades ahead.

In the East Asian economic growth model, the same sequence was followed by India. First, agriculture was reformed, either through technology. . Either the government, or financial institutions or private companies were able to get hold of that surplus and invest it in Information Technology sector. This sector was aimed at export markets and competed on the price of the labor.

This IT industry created mass employment and a vast shift of population from the country to the cities. It produced a huge surplus that was invested in further manufacturing, which became more technologically sophisticated. This produced further rural to city population drift and thus the huge East Asian coastal conurbations.

These urban giants spawned a middle class that wanted services and the development of these service industries led to further export opportunities, though services have been a smaller part of the East Asian miracle. India's rapid economic growth over the past two decades did not look anything like this. It was born instead in the genius of Indians for IT. As a result, the Indian growth model has its critics and its doomsayers. Services don't produce as many jobs as manufacturing does. India's manufacturing is now developing, but much more slowly than its services sector did.