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Sales Jobs in India

The survey findings concluded that professionals who are in sales jobs areas are presently the most sought after and will continue to hold sway in the coming years."In the next five years, these professionals will be in demand," says Kalyanmoy Chatterjee, CEO, GfK Mode.

The sales job in pharmaceutical and health care sectors are in the spotlight too. A lot of private investment is pouring in, but the firms don't have enough high quality talent, maintains Anil Sachdeva, founder-director, School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon. According to the Planning Commission report of 2008, India has a shortage of six lakh doctors, 10 lakh nurses and two lakh dental surgeons, apart from a large number of paramedical staff. Health management services also need a professional overhaul, with a customer-service oriented qualified workforce, which has been non-existent so far. 

As the sectors grow, the demand for professionals to drive the growth will also be on the rise. "Engineers along with a good selling capability across all functions like civil, mechanical, automation, chemical as well as industrial will be back in demand," says Kanika Vaswani, associate director, Elixir Web Solutions, a Delhi-based recruitment firm. Infrastructure and the oil and gas industries will hire engineers across all verticals, she maintains. "But the demand for Sales person is dipping in sectors which are not performing well, like real estate," she adds. 

 "While recession has affected the job market, at the same time, if you know your job well, opportunities are available," says the national manager, Transport and Integrated Logistics divison. 

The $364-billion retail industry, though, will not gallop at the earlier projected figure of 30%, but will continue to evolve. Retailer's Association of India, an apex body of retailers, envisages a 15% growth for organized retail, in which supply chain management or logistical function is the backbone. 

While the need for developing multiple proficiencies cannot be ignored, it is imperative that the employee is self-driven towards this. It should be done with proper counseling and training, maintain experts. "To grow, an individual should be willing", says Suresh. "One must continue to enhance skill sets in case of sales job as practice makes a man perfect. It was said according to the managing director, Manpower India.

Employers will continue to hire for the positions they deem critical to their business operations. For corporate, this is the ideal time to scout for the best talent in sales job and to retain the finest candidates.


Fulltime IT Jobs in India

There is a big global economic slowdown going on worldwide, but with promising future the IT job scenario is changing very fast towards the betterment and it has shown some reforms in India.

As an online recruitment solution Fulltimejobs India, we are providing information about all the IT jobs that are available in different companies in India.

 It has been projected that IT sector will show promising growth and rate of employment will increase in remarkable way. We will keep posted all the upcoming IT related jobs. This is one online recruitment solution company where you can expect maximum listing of IT jobs of India.


Fulltimejobs India focused to give all the information about the present job scenario in India and it gathers all the vacancies or opportunities that are available all over the India in the field of Information technology. After gathering them, we make it a point to post all of them in our website. We always intend to provide as much as detailed information about all the IT related jobs so that each visitor of the website can find the jobs of their choices. Not only the job vacancy information about the big companies in India like IBM, Infosys, Wipro etc we always update our website with information of IT jobs of all the large, medium and small companies of India.


In the Fulltimejobs India website you can expect to find jobs from the all domains of Information Technology, as well have we have jobs for fresher in the industry or for the job seekers who are having experience.


India is a vast country, it is growing every day, more, more IT companies are coming up, and they are doing really well, hence a vast requirement of IT people are created, we in FulltimeJobs India is just doing that, we are just facilitating the process of recruiting more easily towards you. We are just creating a bridge between the employers and job seekers, so that you do not have to take the trouble of finding the appropriate job.

So from now onwards, surf daily FulltimeJobs India to find the best IT jobs for you. Do not hesitate even if you are fresher, or having just 6 months of experience in any software development field. We have many job listings for you. In addition, for all of you who are experienced and looking for better job prospect in IT industry with better pay package, visiting Fulltimejobs India is must, because opportunity never knocks the door twice.






Find Jobs in IT

It is likely to be among our top two or three source our country is growing towards the growth of IT industries.  Top companies like IBM, Infosys showed the way of how the information technology industry will continue to transform India, through and beyond this period of temporarily subdued economic growth. Important people from all over the world demonstrates India's genius and helps to show why it is going to be a source of global economic growth and unique social innovation for many decades ahead.

In the East Asian economic growth model, the same sequence was followed by India. First, agriculture was reformed, either through technology. . Either the government, or financial institutions or private companies were able to get hold of that surplus and invest it in Information Technology sector. This sector was aimed at export markets and competed on the price of the labor.

This IT industry created mass employment and a vast shift of population from the country to the cities. It produced a huge surplus that was invested in further manufacturing, which became more technologically sophisticated. This produced further rural to city population drift and thus the huge East Asian coastal conurbations.

These urban giants spawned a middle class that wanted services and the development of these service industries led to further export opportunities, though services have been a smaller part of the East Asian miracle. India's rapid economic growth over the past two decades did not look anything like this. It was born instead in the genius of Indians for IT. As a result, the Indian growth model has its critics and its doomsayers. Services don't produce as many jobs as manufacturing does. India's manufacturing is now developing, but much more slowly than its services sector did.

Impressive Cover Letter

Cover letter writing is almost as important a skill for a job seeker to learn as resume writing. The cover letter accompanies the resume at all times as the primary support document. Whether you use traditional mail, email, faxing, or another type of electronic submission, a cover letter should always be sent with the resume. There are, of course, other tools you’ll use when job seeking. Your cover letter and resume come first of course, followed by follow-up letters, thank-you letters for after the interview, reference sheets, salary histories, and job acceptance letters. If you have good cover letter writing skills, and good resume writing skills, the other written tools should be a snap to compose.

In order to get the attention of the hiring authority of any company you must practice to write effective and good resume as well as cover letter. But do not mix up those two because resume and cover letters are both two different things. Resume is more like statistical version of your career where as cover letter is more of descriptive version. Cover letter will include why you are writing to the particular company, why you think that you are the best person for this job, how you can add more positivity in the organization. Your cover letter should be simple, to the point, it will directly tell the hiring manager about your goal and what you are looking for.  It will be an extension of the resume or the introduction of the resume.

It is not a good practice to write too much on a cover letter that can create a negative impression to the hiring manager. Rather use short and simple words, which will draw the attention of the employer. Always add two, three main key points of the resume, which are most vital according to you. Your cover letter will be a blue print of your resume and it will surely mention the worth of you in your current company.



How to Maintain Office Etiquettes

We are living in such a space today that whole world has become a global village. India is also truly shining as it has its presence all over the world. These days’ people from India are going global in true sense. From a job assignment abroad to doing business all over the world Indian are doing great.

But while interacting with global clients or colleagues from different parts of the world you should know how to interact with them properly in a professional way. In a global office work environment is entirely different than the domestic companies here in India. You may face a multicultural place of work where you are working with people from China, USA, Germany and other parts of the world. You can have boss from Saudi Arab, or if you are doing business you may have a new client from Japan. So you have to know how to conduct yourself before everybody so that people from all over the world can praise about your etiquettes and you will also feel confident about yourself.

First thing you must remember that to gather knowledge about the multi cultural team with whom you are going to work. Try to gather as much information as you can, this will help you to build a good working relationship with them.

Also in case of client handling from different culture, try to know more about that culture, be a good host, if you are playing the host then pay the bills, in case you are interacting with woman client you need to be extra careful so that it should not look over the top.

 For every person it is very important to maintain time in which ever geographical location you are situated. Respecting others time will earn you respect in your work field and in office.  It is a very important term in office and work place; you must understand your designation as well you should understand other’s designation. Your seniors can give you advices which you may like, may not like but by following the hierarchy you must follow them. Always try to listen first and then start talking, but also practice to listen full and properly and then start talking. It is important for taking or giving interviews or when you are having serious discussion. You must understand who your client is? Where from he is? Accordingly you will be able to build relationship with him. You must take into consideration several things from booking hotels for your clients to paying for the meals.

Good gestures always matters so greet people with a smile, shake hands with the guests and treat them warmly. Also color of dress and also what dress you are wearing is very important for a client meeting. While discussing the proposal do not show impatience. Do not look desperate and also just do not bring business just after sitting on the couch. Give some time to relax and to get comfortable. You must be aware of your client and accordingly you will be preparing yourself for the business meeting. Exchange business cards first to give a proper impression about you. Always keep in mind that client should go back with a positive impression in mind regarding you and your proposal.

How to ask for a Salary Hike to your Boss

Are you stuck to your old salary for more than 2 years? Are you getting de motivated by the fact that you are not getting your due salary that you deserve and you can’t even leave your job as there are no such good opportunities coming up your way? Are you getting frustrated and don’t know how to ask your boss about your salary hike? You can understand that our food, gas and other living costs have increased and you’re mindful about the economy and that unemployment rates are high but you haven’t had a raise recently. 


Here are some tips to ask your boss about your salary hike. If you follow them cleverly soon you will be out of this clumsy situation and you will get what you deserve and you will be able to give your full effort for your and company’s growth.


Generally in any company salary hike depends on how well you’ve marketed yourself. Because a lot depends on how your employer perceives you. If you haven’t started promoting yourself, so now it is the high time to start.  


Whenever you are doing some good job always ask for a compliment of your boss in written or via email. Start keeping a file of compliments you receive from the company and customers. Also keep a note of the added duties you’ve done – whether they stem from layoffs of your peers – or whether your job has grown in responsibilities. 

Monetize your contributions. How have they added to the company’s bottom line?  If you can’t quantify your contributions to the company’s welfare in dollars, you’ll have to seek a promotion. Here are strategies; some of which will show you how to market yourself within your company. 


If you believe you have sufficiently marketed yourself – that you can make a case for a raise in your current position – here are eight tips: 


1.       Create a sheet of your contributions with two columns. List your duties in one column and list your accomplishments in other. Starting with the most salient, prioritize the items in descending order.

2.       Do some homework on pay scales hike in your company. You must determine if your pay increase request is not so difficult for your employer. Also consider the marketplace pay scales, which is usually available on the Internet.

3.       Create your appeal. Make sure you request does not sound like a threat. Acknowledge your awareness of the economy and your company’s position in the marketplace. Show how you are a solution to both of your boss’s headaches and challenges to your company. But be prepared to overcome objections. You can do this by asking your boss to restate the concerns, empathize, and state any relevant facts that support your cause.

4.       Practice your pitch in front of a trusted friend and in front of a mirror.

5.       Make an appointment with your boss. If he asks you the reason politely tell him it has to do with your career at the company.

6.       Be prepared to hear objections and you need to have the mindset to overcome that situation .

7.       Ask for a commitment, such as “Can you think of any reason why I haven’t earned a raise?” Whatever the boss says, expresses your appreciation for the meeting. Always be genuine and honest during the entire conversation.

8.        Do not expect much about your request’s success. Your request can be turned down in the meeting, but then you remember it’s not personal, it’s just business.


Hopefully, you will be successful in following the eight tips in asking your boss for a raise. If you have not succeeded this time you are still a winner for making the effort. It will boost your self esteem and enhance your prospects in the future. And it can be a sign that you need to master the art of marketing yourself.



Good Cover Letter Writing Process

 Just like Jam and bread complement each other similarly your cover letter and resume should make a perfect match. If it’s written the right way, these two documents can complement and play off of each other in order to help you in getting your much desired job. Though it may seems easy to write out a “template” cover letter and jet it off to dozens of employers, but it will never get you far. Employers are smart enough and they can pick out very easily about the enthusiasm of the applicants and they only respond to tailored resumes that show that you did your research. Make your best effort to address it to the right hiring manager and include details that only the company would have.

 There’s nothing better like knowing someone linked to the company you are applying for job. It’s the time to drop their name. Nothing is better than a referral.

While writing cover note; be professional but never become a robot. Stop using bland, overly formal language says nothing about you or describes you. Employers want an employee who is capable, but also someone who would be a good addition to their company culture who can really contribute some productivity in the company. Your resume should be full of solid facts and to the point, but you can be benefited from your cover letter which can be very much detailed.  You can also consider including a short anecdote or example of a time when you succeeded in your career. This is the time for prose.

A very important tip for sending cover note; attach the cover note in the body of the mail where as send the resume as an attachment. You just need to follow these rules properly and do these things regularly for sending jobs, and very soon you will land with a good job.



Mission of Fulltimejobs

We are just 4 years old but yet we have been able to touch hundreds of lives and off course we are the reason behind smiles of many faces. Started from USA we have reached and touched more than 12 countries and everywhere we have been able to show our positive growth.

Our target is to reach to every part of the world and concentrate on every job sector that is available in the market. We are publishing job government and private jobs and encouraging everyone to read our articles and blog to understand our mission. Along with Information Technology which is the current hot cake among the job seekers we are publishing jobs from various sectors like Accounting and Finance, Advanced manufacturing, Advertising and marketing,  agriculture Dairy and Fishing, Business services, Air courier, Aviation, Apparel, Architecture and Interior Designing  and many more. Along with various sectors we have also posted jobs based on location like state and country, so that job seekers and employers always find their suitable job and employee respectively from their own local place. Because location plays a very important part and can be a deciding factor when it comes to salary, so location based job will help one to decide about the job.


Very soon we will start publishing home based job or work from home jobs to facilitate women employment growth. So keep looking at our website and blog to know more about us.

What is the Need of a Cover Letter

You must be thinking that what is the need of a cover letter that everyone says you to give it as an attachment? Why is it mandatory to have a cover letter with resume?  You need to understand that when you are submitting a resume against any job application a cover letter will be the first page that will reflect the resume. Though you may find in the job ad only resumes are required to submit, but is a basic format that you must have a cover letter accompanying your job application.

Whether it’s mention or not but the company hiring people will expect that every applicant should have a cover letter which will give a brief introduction of the candidates which will highlight the main resumes. In fact it is the part of the job application that can convince H.R department to schedule a job interview for you.

It is regarded as a sign of laziness or ignorance, if you missed out the cover letter along with the resume. Some applicants also have the habit of writing the same cover letter for all companies they apply with, without understanding the specification of the job ad and not knowing that this could be a negative attribute for them.

 You must take proper care when you are writing cover letters, it should be addressed specifically to the company and for the specific job being applied for. Otherwise it could be a very poor cover letter that has been hurriedly sent out without any effort exerted to know more about the addressee company.

It is true that writing a cover letter adds to one’s wear and tear in the process of looking and applying for job. But the cover letter may be of more importance than any document you submit including the detailed personal resume about you. The cover letter actually is the main document that will catch the first attention of any prospective employer before he takes the trouble of going into your resume. The employer could be a busy person, so his intention will be to look for the summary of any communication that reaches him; the cover letter is precisely the portion of any job application that gives him a quick look at the person applying for the job.

So by now you must have understood that cover letter is the most essential factor when you are applying for any job interview. Therefore next time whenever you are going to send a resume don’t forget to write a detailed and nest cover letter.