The Sky is the Limit !!

Job Opening for Web Designer

A Company in Ahmedabad is hiring Web Designer

Job Description:


Excellent knowledge and expertise required in PHP Core -Majanto, Java Script, MySQL, JQuery, XML, XSLT, Dreemweaver, Wordpress, Joomla


Must have good knowledge of SEO, QC, ECommerce Website development -integration and fair knowledge of SSTL.

Only Serious candidates and willingnes for long term association need to apply.


Request to list down the Project URL for reference purpose.

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Job Opening for Business Development Manager

A Company in Ahmedabad is hiring Business Development Manager

Job Description:


•Prospect for potential new clients and turn this into increased business.

•Cold call as appropriate within your market or geographic area to ensure a robust pipeline of opportunities. 

•Should be capable in Planning & Analyzing the Business opportunities.

•Should have quality of Brand development, building Client network partnership, establishing lasting relationship with Institutional customers, conducting promotions at all levels.

•Should have good Negation skill in all aspects of Client alliance contracts commercial, technical & legal obligations.

•Present an image that mirrors that of the client.

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Hiring is On for Community Managers

A Gurgaon based company is looking out for Community Managers . He will be learning and understanding about digital marketing with experts. 

The company will teach you and groom you well that you can get a job in industry's best companies. 

You have to work for them for an year for that. 

They want people who can stick around for a while. Job hoppers, please don't apply.


Interested and serious candidates can apply to this job by clicking here


Digital Marketing Intern in on hire!!!!

A Mumbai Based Company is looking to hire Digital marketing Intern

Job description:

The candidate will work directly with the Digital Media Director 

The person will be exposed to advanced various media initiatives

Working with team members

Interested candidates can view and apply to the following job by clicking here

Professor Lecturer Technical Process Training

An institute in Chennai is looking to hire professor Lecturer Technical Process Training

Job Description:

Looking for an Oracle DBA Trainer for full Time for oracle 10g Database

Functional Area:


Rman, RAC

Technical / Process Training

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Job Opening for DBA

A Company in Hyderabad is looking to hire DBA

Job Description:

1. Should be strong Core Oracle DBA

2. Having Oracle Apps DBA knowledge is a plus 

3. Hands on or in-depth knowledge of RAC, DG, FMW and OEM 

4. Must have worked on production environments, performing database and platform migrations, smart ways to manage environments and space, etc.

Interested candidates from Hyderabad can apply to this job by clicking here

Job opening for Web Developer

A Company in Surat is looking to hire Web Developer

Job responsibility:

Analyzing and gathering requirements for the framework and creating a design for the final software output.

Developing the web based software using computer programming languages such as VB.net, C# and MSSQL.

Performing extensive software testing and stringent quality checks as per the QC guidelines to ensure an error free as well as optimum final product to the user.


Creating and maintaining the ASP.NET based websites and their web applications as per the initial guidelines of the client.

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Job Opening for Artist Coordinator

A Company in South Delhi is looking to hire Artist coordinator

Job Description:

Maintaining dates, coordinating all logistics related to tours, shows

-Preparing and maintaining all necessary artist working visas

-Maintaining and coordinate artist management database

-Prepare and distribute promotional materials

-Coordinate with artists to create itineraries

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How to Increase Public Speaking Skills

There will be many occasions in office where you will need to speak in Public. Public speaking is actually an art, not many has it but through practice you can achieve the techniques to speak in public.

First of all when you got to know that you have to speak in public write down your speech properly and reharse it.

While speaking in public speak with full energy, passion.

Choose topic that would be an interesting instead of sounding monotonous

You should speak very confidently, clearly and loudly even.

Give proper pause while speaking breath properly.

Use of hands are very important, use it carefully.

While speaking just don't speak up but make it like a conversation by making eye contact.

Keep following us to know such tips regarding work

How to gain benefits in Appraisals in Job

March is the season of appraisals as this is the year ending season. Every company is doing their research on the appraisals of their employees. So in order to get benefits in appraisals you should also show some proactiveness  in order to get appraisals.

First much before the Appraisal season go and check with the Hr department what are the exact process of appraisals or if there is any special criteria added.

After gathering knowledge from HR invest time in self assesment about your achievement of past 1 year, what you have done and how you have added growth to the company.

Review your last year's work very minutely and also be ready with your mistakes.

Consider your career objective and plan towards that.

Start discussing about some important topics with a clear goal of what actually you are expecting.

In the discussion be prepare to hear some hard facts about your mistakes and don't argue much on that.