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PHP Development Jobs available in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is becoming high tech city and it is growing in Information Technology sector like never before. Many small, medium and big companies are opening their offices in this and looking for recruitment in Ahmedabad.

Open source technology is growing like crazy these days as every customer wants to cut their investment in developing website, CMS, eCommerce portals, which were previously quite costly due to the higher development cost , but with the inception of open source technologies or PHP the cost has been reduced to almost half of what was previously. Be it static or dynamic website PHP now a days have become the most chosen one, or be it CMS, ecommerce everything is quite easily available in PHP. Hence, the demands of PHP developers are on the constant rise. Every company is posting for PHP job Openings, even in Ahmedabad PHP development jobs are available in abundance. Jobs in Ahmedabad specially for PHP developers are getting highly lucrative. 

From fresher to highly experience Jobs in PHP is there for every body. Our portal Fulltimejobs-India is dedicated to bring out all the PHP jobs in Ahmedabad, so that companies who are running from post to pillar to get the best candidate can avail us to get their candidate, and similarly all the candidates who are looking for an opening in PHP development jobs or those who are already in this field and wants to get the right change in this field can get that through us. It is our responsibility to post all the jobs in Ahmedabad so that each and every candidate can get their fare chance.


Inflation taking a toll on Fresher level salary

As per a report of Economic times in almost all big IT companies though there has been quite a up gradation in salary for the senior people but salaries for fresher entry-level jobs, especially those who are getting selected from campus interview have remained almost fixed or stagnant for the last seven years. The reason behind it are lot of combined factors  like  increasing automation, pressure to keep costs low and double-digit rate cuts by outsourcing clients.


There is also another reason, which seems to be more vital and that is inflation, which has jumped 45-50% since 2007-08 and this is taking a toll on fresher level salary. Thousands of new jobs have been created in the country by a slew of start-ups where entry level salaries have gone down effectively. According to the global HR head of one of India's top five IT firms on the condition of anonymity "We really don't see the need to raise entry-level salaries - it will stay stagnant for now," said the. "Given the glut of engineers at the fresher level, we can afford to keep salaries at the same level for the foreseeable future".


Now a day a fresh graduate engineer in It are getting a starting salary of 2.70 lakhs per annum which is approximately INR 23,000 per month. Even after 7-8 years later the same situation is prevailing and has not increased. As per several human resource executives TCS, Infosys, and Wipro are among the lowest pay master at entry level.


So all of you who are fresher and waiting for a job desperately, try to look beyond these IT firms and start applying to middle tier companies. They do not have huge work force and as a result for them every worker in their company is asset and they pay good salary even at entry level. You can also join startup companies where you cannot expect a very good salary but what you can learn is unbelievable and knowledge is untouchable by inflation. Keep your CV ready with you and post it in our site Fulltimejobs- India.







A Delhi Based company is looking for operations and sales interns.

Selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 

1.Selling technological solutions to client, finding new markets and reaching them

2.Involve themselves to negotiate transactions and follow transaction worth of lakhs from start till end.

The ones who will jump in the deep end and start their own ventures. The ones who have the skills and the fire to lead a business from zero to sixty. Yes, if you want to learn the art to scale, want to take things ahead, be ready to plunge into the next big thing and have all the zeal to make it.

To know more about the job in details and to join click on this link

Job Opening for Artist Coordinator

A Company in South Delhi is looking to hire Artist coordinator

Job Description:

Maintaining dates, coordinating all logistics related to tours, shows

-Preparing and maintaining all necessary artist working visas

-Maintaining and coordinate artist management database

-Prepare and distribute promotional materials

-Coordinate with artists to create itineraries

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How to Increase Public Speaking Skills

There will be many occasions in office where you will need to speak in Public. Public speaking is actually an art, not many has it but through practice you can achieve the techniques to speak in public.

First of all when you got to know that you have to speak in public write down your speech properly and reharse it.

While speaking in public speak with full energy, passion.

Choose topic that would be an interesting instead of sounding monotonous

You should speak very confidently, clearly and loudly even.

Give proper pause while speaking breath properly.

Use of hands are very important, use it carefully.

While speaking just don't speak up but make it like a conversation by making eye contact.

Keep following us to know such tips regarding work

How to gain benefits in Appraisals in Job

March is the season of appraisals as this is the year ending season. Every company is doing their research on the appraisals of their employees. So in order to get benefits in appraisals you should also show some proactiveness  in order to get appraisals.

First much before the Appraisal season go and check with the Hr department what are the exact process of appraisals or if there is any special criteria added.

After gathering knowledge from HR invest time in self assesment about your achievement of past 1 year, what you have done and how you have added growth to the company.

Review your last year's work very minutely and also be ready with your mistakes.

Consider your career objective and plan towards that.

Start discussing about some important topics with a clear goal of what actually you are expecting.

In the discussion be prepare to hear some hard facts about your mistakes and don't argue much on that. 

Job opening for Phonegap Developers!!!

A Company in Mumbai is looking to hire Phonegap Developers for their own organization.

Job Description:

 Experience in android development

-Must have good understanding of fundamentals

-Strong programming skills is a must

-Must have good understanding of other programming languages like C++

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How to be Successful in Work Place

When you start your job for the first time, you always think of performing the best and want to be successful in work place.

There are few thumb rules that you may follow in order to become successful in your work place or office, but always remember it is not a magic; rather is a constant effort that you need to give in order to become successful.

The most important rule to get success at work is to know to work in a team. Becoming a team player can really help you to become successful, because in this way you only deliver better but it also helps to develop healthy relationships with other co workers. 

In office you will have your seniors and juniors both, and you have to deal with both of them. You have earn trust of your seniors and respect of your juniors, the best way of doing that is to have open conversation with all the colleagues.


Benefits of Hiring QA Engineer/Software Tester

The life cycle of software development starts with requirement analysis, after getting the complete requirement analysis the design phase starts, in this design phase the software developer gives shape to the whole concept and what was expected from him to do, once he design the whole package comes the implementation part, here the software is implemented with real data figures to see how it works and then comes the testing part. So software cannot run properly unless testing has been done or it has passed through QA analysis

The roles of the QA engineers are very much pivotal and hence require sound knowledge of the testing of software. Every software development company needs QA engineers and they are highly paid because they are the people whose verification will take the ultimate decision of the software applications.

There are many job openings available in fulltimejobs for both fresher and experienced where pay package are good and also have lot of opportunities available.


Business Development Executive on hire!!!

An Ahmedabad based company is hiring Business Development executive.

Job description:

Sell accreditation.

Create daily lead sources.

Screen all leads for accreditation eligibility before contacting the business.

Make a minimum of 100 outgoing telephone calls per day, to prospective accredited businesses within a designated market area.


Make sales presentation within established BBB guidelines and approved BBB sales script.

Ahmedabad based candidates can apply through this link