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Job Opening for Artist Coordinator

A Company in South Delhi is looking to hire Artist coordinator

Job Description:

Maintaining dates, coordinating all logistics related to tours, shows

-Preparing and maintaining all necessary artist working visas

-Maintaining and coordinate artist management database

-Prepare and distribute promotional materials

-Coordinate with artists to create itineraries

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How to Increase Public Speaking Skills

There will be many occasions in office where you will need to speak in Public. Public speaking is actually an art, not many has it but through practice you can achieve the techniques to speak in public.

First of all when you got to know that you have to speak in public write down your speech properly and reharse it.

While speaking in public speak with full energy, passion.

Choose topic that would be an interesting instead of sounding monotonous

You should speak very confidently, clearly and loudly even.

Give proper pause while speaking breath properly.

Use of hands are very important, use it carefully.

While speaking just don't speak up but make it like a conversation by making eye contact.

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How to gain benefits in Appraisals in Job

March is the season of appraisals as this is the year ending season. Every company is doing their research on the appraisals of their employees. So in order to get benefits in appraisals you should also show some proactiveness  in order to get appraisals.

First much before the Appraisal season go and check with the Hr department what are the exact process of appraisals or if there is any special criteria added.

After gathering knowledge from HR invest time in self assesment about your achievement of past 1 year, what you have done and how you have added growth to the company.

Review your last year's work very minutely and also be ready with your mistakes.

Consider your career objective and plan towards that.

Start discussing about some important topics with a clear goal of what actually you are expecting.

In the discussion be prepare to hear some hard facts about your mistakes and don't argue much on that. 

Fulltime Job Vacancies in India

Every sector today is IT based whether it maybe government, banking, defense, health etc. Recently there has been a huge command for banking jobs in Information Technology. Banking jobs have always been considered as the most secured of all in the job sector. Banking IT jobs are vital for the performance of all the financial organizations. Not just foreign banks but nationalized banks are also IT enabled. It is now compulsory for all banks to have the basic computer knowledge.


Fulltimejobs India understands the potential of IT industry as well as other sectors and hence we tend to provide as much as job openings in various sectors as we can. We gather information about jobs from different regions of India and also from different sectors like IT, banking, hospital etc and update our database with all the correct information about the job openings. Along with other sectors we tend to give emphasis on the IT industry, this is because when the whole of the world was suffering from the recession, Indian IT jobs sector showed a promising trend for new works and opportunities. Recession did affect India but we have so many job opportunities in different sectors that India could handle it well.


Today India is one of the prominent outsourcing countries because, IT, data-entry, customer service and other back-office related IT Jobs that are outsourced, helps foreign companies cut down on their costs. Indian government has always been supportive for IT development in the country. India has cost-effective labor which is highly skilled and knowledgeable.   It has always supported new infrastructural developments and latest technology. One of the biggest advantages Fulltimejobs India that they have a very strong recruitment cell that is very much aggressive and keeps all information about every single opportunity for jobs.


Fulltimejobs India has a large number of resumes of job seekers from all parts of India. We keep all types of resumes, whether they are experienced, or fresher, with all kind of skill sets and ability to deliver. India is a land of talent and here as we have a huge population talented people are much easier to find. In our country we have very good English speaking people as compared to any other developing country. So, it’s very easier for them to get jobs to the outsourcing industry because of fluency in English .Even part-time jobs or home based works are IT enabled. 


Fulltimejobs India has created great opportunities for the job seekers as well as for the employer.



NETCLUES! is looking for someone for the position of Urgent Openings "CLIENT RELATIONS OFFICER" & "BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER" (BPO & IT Experience will add advantage) (ONLY Night Shift) who has Excellent Communication Skills, Good Marketing Skills, Knowledge of Social Media Marketing, Who knows Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Etc. will at advantage. 

Job Opening For Client Relations Officers and Business Developement Officer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

 No of Openings:1

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Start Date: 1o/02/2014

Functional Area: Business Development

URL: http://in.fulltimejobs.com/jobs/508/186/urgent-openings-client-relations-officer-business-development-officer--jobs-in-Ahmedabad

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