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Why Resumes need Cover letter

It is mandatory to have a cover letter with resume these days. You need to understand that when you are sending a resume to apply to any job a cover letter will be the first page that will reflect the resume. 

You may find in the job advertisement that they are only asking for the resumes to submit but it is an unwritten rule to include a proper and very informative cover letter accompanying your job application. Whether it’s mention or not but the hiring department will expect that applicants should have a cover letter attached with them that will give a brief introduction of the candidates and their work experiences which will highlight the main resumes.

In fact it is the part of the job application that can convince H.R department to schedule a job interview for you. It is taken as a sign of laziness or ignorance, if you missed out the cover letter along with the resume.  The main intention of attaching a cover letter will be to look for the summary of any communication that reaches him; the cover letter is precisely the portion of any job application that gives him a quick look at the person applying for the job.


How to be confident to be successful in a job interview

Everybody feels nervous on the day of the interview. But interviewer wants to see the confidence in you and for them along with talent, marks, knowledge your smartness, presence of mind and flexibility matters a lot. So here are few tips to face the interview in right mood and right spirit.


Dress neatly and properly.

Always be on time.

Reach the venue in advance so remove your sweat etc and make yourself relax.

If you want while you are waiting you can just close your eyes and concentrate about the interview.

Greet every one looking them in their eyes.

B pleasant and polite.

Listen carefully to their questions think and then answer. 

Always take your time while answering your question, never be in hurry.

Do not bluff or tell lie; be honest about your abilities and your inabilities.

Study well before the day of interview about the role that you are going for.

Be focus. 

A good academic record is only a starting point – it’s also important to show you have a convincing motivation to join the accountancy sector. Recruiters want to feel you’ll stick at it.

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