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Job Opening for HR Executive

A Company in Mumbai is looking to hire HR Executive

Job Description:

1. Candidates should have basic knowledge of HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Sourcing

2. Handling Interviews coordination

3. Handling recruitment MIS, knowledge of Excel is must

4. Will be responsible for end to end recruitment, on boarding formalities, closure & negotiations.


5. Maintaining employee database

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Job Opening for Html Developer

A Company in Ahmedabad Requires Web Designer / HTML Developer for their company.

 Freshers welcome.

Candidate should be able to develop website with W3C standards.


· XHTML Standard coding standard validation


· Must have knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3

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Benefits of Online Marketing

Marketing is a way of promoting website or any product in internet. It refers to a set of methodologies and powerful tools that are used for mainly selling products and services on web platform. 


Online marketing jobs includes a wide range of marketing procedures than traditional business marketing due to the added advantage and marketing mechanisms available on the Internet. 


Online marketing can deliver several benefits such as:

Growth in business

•Reduced expenses of traditional advertisement

•Direct communications with audience

•Better control of the products or services

•Improved customer service 

•Competitive advantage

Online marketing is popularly known as Internet marketing, Web marketing, digital marketing and search engine marketing (SEM)


Women and Work Place in india

Being woman is itself a tough job in India, because it’s on women’s shoulder her entire family revolves. In India she is not only a woman, she has to perform several duties starting from becoming a daughter, wife, daughter in law, and most important a mother. But in spite of every obstacle women in India both is urban and rural area are doing great when it comes to earn money. Educated women in India are managing the demands of their careers and family obligations far better than their peers in the West and Japan.

working Indian women quit their jobs to deal with family problems, a rate similar to those found among American, German and Japanese women. But on average, the Indian women returned to their jobs in less than a year compare to the women of the western world, which is commendable. The way Indian women balance their work and home is a superb job and only they can put in this kind of effort.

Fulltimejobs India salutes women empowerment and their zeal of achieving success.

Why Resumes need Cover letter

It is mandatory to have a cover letter with resume these days. You need to understand that when you are sending a resume to apply to any job a cover letter will be the first page that will reflect the resume. 

You may find in the job advertisement that they are only asking for the resumes to submit but it is an unwritten rule to include a proper and very informative cover letter accompanying your job application.

Whether it’s mention or not but the hiring department will expect that applicants should have a cover letter attached with them that will give a brief introduction of the candidates and their work experiences which will highlight the main resumes. In fact it is the part of the job application that can convince H.R department to schedule a job interview for you. It is taken as a sign of laziness or ignorance, if you missed out the cover letter along with the resume.  

The main intention of attaching a cover letter will be to look for the summary of any communication that reaches him; the cover letter is precisely the portion of any job application that gives him a quick look at the person applying for the job.

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Role of FulltimeJobs India in Getting the Job

After completing study, all you do is looking for a new job so that you can get a suitable job soon and start earning for yourself and for family.  You try to apply through job advertisement but you can’t find your preferable job, and you are in dilemma as you don't know where to look, what to do and who to speak to? After few failed attempts like you probably are clueless and at last start sulking into depression. Here Fulltimejobs India can play a big role in shaping your career.

Get Noticed

To get a job you have to reach to the people who actually handle the employment part, and here people mean recruiters or companies, not your neighbours or relatives or friends of friends. To get notice first create a resume of yours and post your resume to the leading job portals like Fulltimejobs India and many others. These are the places where actually, thousands of employers and recruiters are available and they are in search of talented and hardworking people for their companies. So when you create a profile in the job portals with your proper email id and phone number you get noticed by thousands of employers and recruiters.

Appropriate Resume

Resume is the first thing for being noticed so be very sincere and careful while writing one. Resume is not an autobiography, so make it small, simple, to the point and fact driven. Do not over do in your resume as you should always remember that people who are searching the CV’s are far more intelligent than you and will understand your potential. Resume is a kind of tool that will help in marketing you. Highlight your strength and the description of your work because that is what is most important. Update your resume in every three months, in this way you will always have better chance to get noticed.

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From Waiter to Super Star

Success never comes easy, you really have to work hard to achieve it.

We all think Super Stars are born lucky. They are born with golden spoon, they have a rosy life and they just struck gold whatever they touch. But in reality nothing of this sort really happens. They are just very normal like us, they all had a simple life with full of struggle before they became super star and before we adore them, go crazy about them and before we made them super star. Such is a story of Super Star Akshay Kumar. Lets read about his journey to become successful.

Akashay Kumar’s real name is Hari Om Bhatia. He was born in Amritsar and was raised in Delhi especially in Chandni Chowk and then shifted to Koliwada in Mumbai. His Father was in army and mother Aruna Bhatia was a simple house wife. He is as tall as 6’1”. It was always a positive sign to become any actor. But unaware of his destiny he studied in Mumbai’s Don Bosco school. From his childhood he was very famous among his friends and he always love to spend time with his friends and there he formed a gang of ten friends who used to call themselves “bloody ten”.

After school as he could not do much in studies he went to Thailand to master the martial art. He had a very tough life there as to earn a living he had to work as a chef and waiter. While in Bangkok, Akshay worked in a restaurant called Metro Guest House to make ends meet.  But as he wants to learn martial art he stayed there and learned Muay Thai. Once he mastered the art, he came back to Mumbai and start teaching martial arts.  After all this struggle luck starts smiling on him, among his students there was a photographer who actually recommended him to do modeling. He even gets Akshay a modeling assignment for a small company. For his two hours posing in front of the camera, Kumar got INR5,000, compared to his previous monthly salary of INR4,000. One morning he missed his flight for an ad-shoot at Bangalore. Disappointed with himself, he went for his usual rounds at various film studios with his portfolio. Luckily that same evening, Kumar was signed for a lead role by producer Pramod Chakravarthy for the movie Deedar.


And then rest his history. The Khiladi was born and he started to rule industry as action hero. But then his real struggle comes after that phase where he has to prove beyond his charm and fighting skill, but he improves himself by working very hard, understands the basic nuances of acting and did my wonderfull movies like Hera Pheri, Ajnabee, Dhadkan, and OMG Oh MY GOD. He tried every journo from action, thriller, drama, comedy, tragedy and even today he is most bankable stars in Bollywood film industry. 

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How to be a good team player

We all know we are individuals and we have every right to speak our mind. But while working in an office we must follow certain decorum and it’s very important to maintain professionalism and we must learn what to say so that we can be a good team player.

We must understand in today’s cut throat competition it is very important to be wise and intelligent and not to speak whatever you feel like, because one irresponsible word can spoil your reputation, your relationship with your colleague, boss and you can come under their bad books for ever.

In work place we must follow one thing that our words will reflect our personality so we need to choose our words very carefully. 


Here is a small list of what we must not speak in work place:

  1. “This work is not allotted to me”:  In work place we have to work as a team where everyone has been defined with a role. Sometimes it might happen that some colleagues need our help in some work, it’s not a good practice to be rude to them rather helping them is a good practice because someday we might need someone’s help. But we also need to make sure our own work should not be hampered in the process and we should not be taken for granted.

  2. “The fault is not mine”: In a team work we can’t afford to say mean minded things like this because it only shows our negative attitude towards work and we are not capable of taking any responsibilities. In future we will not be provided with good opportunities just because of this attitude of ours.

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Fulltimejobs Career Advice to the Fresher

After you’re leaving your College, you may find limited opportunities to get a job that can suit your profile or your education but the right career is out there for everyone. You need to do lot of research about yourself first to realize your strengths, and acquire new skills, as well as master the courage to make a change, you can discover the career that’s right for you. 

Like many you may also think that the sole point of going for a job is to bring home enough money to live comfortably. But it’s not the whole and true story, for the first few months you may enjoy the money but slowly fatigue will take over you, and you will start getting bored as this is not the job you wanted, and you are not satisfied. If you are unsatisfied with what you do every day, it takes a toll on your physical and mental health. You may feel burned out and frustrated, anxious, depressed, or unable to enjoy time at home knowing another workday is ahead. What’s more, if you don’t find your work meaningful and rewarding, it’s hard to keep the momentum going to advance in your career. You are more likely to be successful in a career that you feel passionate about. 

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Part Time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Part time job is one of the easiest way of earning quick money, it has really become an essential requirement of people ranging from college going kids to aged person. It is a new opportunity created for those who thought their world has ended. For you the doors to the world of career based part time jobs in Ahmedabad are opened where you get a chance to work for India biggest projects and programs. The part time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat are mainly to deal with company's projects and programs. Ahmedabad in Gujarat is offering opportunity for assured and fast earning for all those who are interested in part time jobs.


 Fultimjobs India is an online job portal that has part time work for students, employed and unemployed people, homemakers and retired person enlisted in it. Most part- time jobs are related to the company's projects and programs. We have over 100 online and offline jobs you can choose from our portal that will suit your ability as well as timing. If you can afford to devote 3 to 4 hours a week you are earn a substantial amount of money and if your need is more then you have to spare 5 to 6 hours every month to accomplish your work for the part time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It’s best suitable for the homemakers, most of them who used to work before marriage but after marriage had to stop their job due to priorities. But this part time jobs in Ahmedabad which you can do from your home in your spare time. 

These kinds of jobs are also suitable for fresher who want to earn their own pocket money. 

Part time jobs in Ahmedabad is giving opportunities to the retired persons to earn some extra money by sparing some time, because money is the most important factor of life.

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