The Sky is the Limit !!

From Waiter to Super Star

Success never comes easy, you really have to work hard to achieve it.

We all think Super Stars are born lucky. They are born with golden spoon, they have a rosy life and they just struck gold whatever they touch. But in reality nothing of this sort really happens. They are just very normal like us, they all had a simple life with full of struggle before they became super star and before we adore them, go crazy about them and before we made them super star. Such is a story of Super Star Akshay Kumar. Lets read about his journey to become successful.

Akashay Kumar’s real name is Hari Om Bhatia. He was born in Amritsar and was raised in Delhi especially in Chandni Chowk and then shifted to Koliwada in Mumbai. His Father was in army and mother Aruna Bhatia was a simple house wife. He is as tall as 6’1”. It was always a positive sign to become any actor. But unaware of his destiny he studied in Mumbai’s Don Bosco school. From his childhood he was very famous among his friends and he always love to spend time with his friends and there he formed a gang of ten friends who used to call themselves “bloody ten”.

After school as he could not do much in studies he went to Thailand to master the martial art. He had a very tough life there as to earn a living he had to work as a chef and waiter. While in Bangkok, Akshay worked in a restaurant called Metro Guest House to make ends meet.  But as he wants to learn martial art he stayed there and learned Muay Thai. Once he mastered the art, he came back to Mumbai and start teaching martial arts.  After all this struggle luck starts smiling on him, among his students there was a photographer who actually recommended him to do modeling. He even gets Akshay a modeling assignment for a small company. For his two hours posing in front of the camera, Kumar got INR5,000, compared to his previous monthly salary of INR4,000. One morning he missed his flight for an ad-shoot at Bangalore. Disappointed with himself, he went for his usual rounds at various film studios with his portfolio. Luckily that same evening, Kumar was signed for a lead role by producer Pramod Chakravarthy for the movie Deedar.


And then rest his history. The Khiladi was born and he started to rule industry as action hero. But then his real struggle comes after that phase where he has to prove beyond his charm and fighting skill, but he improves himself by working very hard, understands the basic nuances of acting and did my wonderfull movies like Hera Pheri, Ajnabee, Dhadkan, and OMG Oh MY GOD. He tried every journo from action, thriller, drama, comedy, tragedy and even today he is most bankable stars in Bollywood film industry. 

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