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Job Opening for Artist Coordinator

A Company in South Delhi is looking to hire Artist coordinator

Job Description:

Maintaining dates, coordinating all logistics related to tours, shows

-Preparing and maintaining all necessary artist working visas

-Maintaining and coordinate artist management database

-Prepare and distribute promotional materials

-Coordinate with artists to create itineraries

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How to Increase Public Speaking Skills

There will be many occasions in office where you will need to speak in Public. Public speaking is actually an art, not many has it but through practice you can achieve the techniques to speak in public.

First of all when you got to know that you have to speak in public write down your speech properly and reharse it.

While speaking in public speak with full energy, passion.

Choose topic that would be an interesting instead of sounding monotonous

You should speak very confidently, clearly and loudly even.

Give proper pause while speaking breath properly.

Use of hands are very important, use it carefully.

While speaking just don't speak up but make it like a conversation by making eye contact.

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How to gain benefits in Appraisals in Job

March is the season of appraisals as this is the year ending season. Every company is doing their research on the appraisals of their employees. So in order to get benefits in appraisals you should also show some proactiveness  in order to get appraisals.

First much before the Appraisal season go and check with the Hr department what are the exact process of appraisals or if there is any special criteria added.

After gathering knowledge from HR invest time in self assesment about your achievement of past 1 year, what you have done and how you have added growth to the company.

Review your last year's work very minutely and also be ready with your mistakes.

Consider your career objective and plan towards that.

Start discussing about some important topics with a clear goal of what actually you are expecting.

In the discussion be prepare to hear some hard facts about your mistakes and don't argue much on that. 

How to be Successful in Work Place

When you start your job for the first time, you always think of performing the best and want to be successful in work place.

There are few thumb rules that you may follow in order to become successful in your work place or office, but always remember it is not a magic; rather is a constant effort that you need to give in order to become successful.

The most important rule to get success at work is to know to work in a team. Becoming a team player can really help you to become successful, because in this way you only deliver better but it also helps to develop healthy relationships with other co workers. 

In office you will have your seniors and juniors both, and you have to deal with both of them. You have earn trust of your seniors and respect of your juniors, the best way of doing that is to have open conversation with all the colleagues.


Setting up Priority in Work Place

Setting up priority is equally important in life as much as important in work place. You have to always be prepared for multiple jobs throwing at you and you have to actually act smart to choose between what to do first and what not.

Choosing priority is not tough if you are kind of calculative person and have a logical mind to think.

Positive thinking is what you require in any tricky situation. Staying calm and relaxed will help you to see the future clearly. Then start seeing all the options that are in your hand. 

Always remember it is better to finish what ever you have taken in hand. Once you finish your job in hand then take the next job that would not take you much time to finish. Then go for ending the critical work that would require much time and more focus.

In this way you would be able to set your priority clear.

Jobs in Ahmedabad for Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering starts from the day on which the wheel was invented. And after almost 5,500 years later, mechanical engineers are the back bone of any industry and without them no engineering or manufacturing industry can survive. Ahmedabad, the heart of Gujarat is having over 100 of manufacturing companies, comprises of small, medium and large scale. Therefore Jobs in Ahmedabad for Mechanical Engineer is now in abundance.

They are required for the improvising on products, to build new machines and even just to keep everything running properly and without any fault. Mechanical engineering is all about the design, analysis, manufacture and maintenance of machines of different shape and sizes.

There are sub divisions of this trade:

  • Production engineers those who make machines
  • Designing mechanical equipment professionals  those who are responsible for the designing the product
  • Thermal and fluid sciences engineers are those in the areas who design air-conditioners, fans, turbines, steam boilers and power plants.

Jobs in Ahmedabad for mechanical Engineer have various job options like:

  • Job opportunities in many different industries located in Ahmedabad
  • Your work may contribute to human development/comfort as well as environment in Ahmedabad.

This particular trade of engineering sector is the largest sector among the industrial segments in India and offers direct and indirect employment to over 4 million skilled and non-skilled workers (according to Corporate Catalyst India; June 2011). It is quite a diverse industry but jobs are quite available in this field and specially in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Part Time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Part time job is one of the easiest way of earning quick money, it has really become an essential requirement of people ranging from college going kids to aged person. It is a new opportunity created for those who thought their world has ended. For you the doors to the world of career based part time jobs in Ahmedabad are opened where you get a chance to work for India biggest projects and programs. The part time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat are mainly to deal with company's projects and programs. Ahmedabad in Gujarat is offering opportunity for assured and fast earning for all those who are interested in part time jobs.


 Fultimjobs India is an online job portal that has part time work for students, employed and unemployed people, homemakers and retired person enlisted in it. Most part- time jobs are related to the company's projects and programs. We have over 100 online and offline jobs you can choose from our portal that will suit your ability as well as timing. If you can afford to devote 3 to 4 hours a week you are earn a substantial amount of money and if your need is more then you have to spare 5 to 6 hours every month to accomplish your work for the part time jobs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It’s best suitable for the homemakers, most of them who used to work before marriage but after marriage had to stop their job due to priorities. But this part time jobs in Ahmedabad which you can do from your home in your spare time. 

These kinds of jobs are also suitable for fresher who want to earn their own pocket money. 

Part time jobs in Ahmedabad is giving opportunities to the retired persons to earn some extra money by sparing some time, because money is the most important factor of life.

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Job Opening For Web Designers in Surat, Gujarat

We are looking to hire web designers for our company. The candidates Must have knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, HTML 5, CSS and CSS3. Must be able to convert PSD to HTML and Responsive Design. 

Job Opening For Web Designers in Surat, Gujarat

Functional Area: HTML,HTML 5, CSS, CSS3

No of Openings:2

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Start date:26/02/2014

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Urgent requirement for PHP freshers

Dear Candidates,
We are Looking for people who are interested in developing their career and should enjoy working environment with well managed team and have enthusiasm to complete projects with highest standard and be a part of organization for long term. 

Job Opening for PHP freshers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

No of Openings:1

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Start date: 05/02/2014

Functional Area: PHP Developer


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